This is an outline of my process for website design and development.

Project definition

  • Client discussion
  • Project brief - my Website Design Questionnaire (contact me) provides a basic brief if you don't already have one.
  • Project timeline - looks a lot like the outline on this page, except with dates.
  • Maintenance plan - how will your website be maintained after launch day?

Site structure

  • Content outline & copy (outline required to move on at this point, copy required before launch) - This is generally the biggest assignment of the project for the client, unless you're hiring me for copy writing services as well.
  • Site diagram - organization of pages, buttons, etc.
  • Wireframes/sketches - page layouts

Visual design

  • Draft visual designs - design the typography, color, graphics, photos... repeat until you say, "that's great!"
  • Select design - this is where you say, "that's great!"

Site development

  • Technical/functional plan - planning structural bits; HTML, CSS, JavaScript; this is the blueprint.
  • Build and integrate site - putting the house together.

Test and refine

  • Quality assurance testing - W3C compliance, cross-browser compatibility, link testing, code cleaning & other fine-tooth-combing.
  • Prioritize issues
  • Refine site - while many refinements are simply built-in by standard best practices in development, there's usually a little final polishing and tuning that can be done. We want your website shiny, clean, and purring like a kitten when you drive it off the lot. :)


  • Production style guide - tells you exactly which typefaces, colors, and other layout details were used in your site so you can maintain consistency.
  • Launch site
  • Implement maintenance plan

Of course, my door doesn’t close once you’ve paid the final installment. I welcome continued communication and am always interested to hear how your new website is working.

Contact Me
(612) 214-0946
1849 Marshall Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55104
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